GVSS Testimonials

Our patients love Gentle Vision Shaping.  Don’t take our word for it, read for yourself what they’re saying about it:

Freedom!  I have worn my GVSS lenses for 11 years.  The freedom of not wearing glasses or contacts during the day is wonderful.  The lenses have never interferred with my sleeping.  Going back to wearing glasses or other types of contact lenses would be like stepping back in time.  I personally never liked dealing with dirty glass lenses or dry eyes when wearing old contacts.  GVSS lenses let me sleep away those problems and give me great vision during the day.  Now that is Freedom!

– DM (64 yr.old)

I have used GVSS contacts for 7 years now.  My prescription has not changed even though my eyes should have gotten worse over time.  Although the contacts can be uncomfortable at first, after adjusting to them I don’t notice them at all.  Sometimes I don’t even feel them in my eyes and have to double check that they are there!  I am so glad that I have 20/20 vision and don’t have to worry about glasses or contacts during the day.

– CS (18 yr.old)

I love my contacts.  It’s great not wearing glasses in basketball.  I tell all my friends to get contacts like these!

– GG (11 yr.old)

The greatest thing for kids.  I’m amazed at how well the contacts work.  Take them out in the morning and 20/20 vision for my son.

– BG (Father of GVSS wearer)

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